About the owner

Tracy’s vast studies in the art of massage and bodywork has led her to master and combine numerous treatments within her service, helping her clients feel at their best. For over a decade, she has studied osteopathic manipulation and massage techniques from around the world, such as: MET, reiki, MAT, Cranio Sacral, Alexander Technique, Lomi Lomi, Breathe work, Shiatsu, I.N.I.T., Heller therapy, and more. Tracy strives to help the individual and really listens to you and your body before proceeding with any one or multiple modes of treatment. Tracy has a strong knowledge of the muscle groups, fascia, attachments, connective tissues, the body as a whole and its movements. Tracy assesses the body as a whole and identifies issues that can hinder working muscles, connective tissue, and fascia throughout the body that leads to pain, tension, tightness, and overall discomfort. Tracy has also studied autoimmune diseases within the body and how it affects the body’s function.  As a passionate bodyworker, Tracy educates her clients about the effects of the multiple interactive muscle groups in the body, connective tissue, movement, and Myoskeletal Alignment. Tracy believes that our posture, emotional blockages, stress, the way we sleep or lack of sleep hinders our ability to feel at our best in our everyday lives. Tracy teaches her clients how to be present and aware of mind/body connections. This helps them in everyday life.

What to expect in a treatment with her.

Expect a methodical, well planned, and customized bodywork session that aims to create muscular balance and optimal movement in the body.  Tracy uses Heller bodywork within her sessions, which is a powerful, integrated system of structural bodywork, movement education and dialogue. This type of work makes the connection between movement, body alignment and personal awareness. Tracy was trained studying under a famous osteopathic Dr. Leon Chiatow where she was trained in Osteopathic manipulative treatment, or OMT, which is hands-on care. It involves using the hands to diagnose, treat, and prevent illness or injury. Using OMT, she can manipulate your muscles and joints using techniques including stretching, gentle pressure and resistance treating musculoskeletal pain and disability; it most commonly includes kneading and manipulation of muscles, joints, and connective tissues and fascial. Tracy utilizes the Alexander technique to retrain the body on how it responds to certain behaviors which may cause pain or discomfort created by habits that effect your posture and wellbeing. Finally Tracy treats each individual clients needs differently since we all have different bodywork needs and goals we are trying to reach. She incorporates light I.N.I.T. work, Craniosacral and trigger point therapy blended with long Lomi Lomi strokes, breathe work and MET to ease the body through the therapeutic treatment and transitional experience as the body unwinds, transcends, de stresses and balances.

One of Tracy’s goals is to leave a positive impression in the industry and help other massage therapists and bodyworks have a voice in the industry. Being a natural born entrepreneur Tracy founded her first massage company SoCal Mobile Massage, LLC back in 2013. She wanted to be able to help as many people as possible with her passion and knowledge of the human body. She sees a need within the industry to teach people the importance of mind/body connections, and how to maintain a pain free life. With that being said she feels rewarded every time she sees improvement in her clients. She said “It is a shame, in this industry you come in with the passion and drive to help people, to see improvement, to make personal connections, and to help heal the dysfunction within your client’s body. When you finally get out of school and into the real world of massage therapy most companies want you to alter the knowledge that you went to school for and put all of those hours in studying to be your best aside, they overwork the therapist to exhaustion and sometimes injury. The client becomes a number and the therapist becomes a sales agent fearful they will lose their job if they don’t sell you a product or service that you do not really need, and if you do need a little extra pressure they are told to increase your cost. This does not leave good energy or a positive experience for either the client or bodyworker.

Tracy has hand selected each member on her  company team. She has helped to guide them along in finding their own passion for massage and bodywork. She helps guide them as they learn to enhance their already trained skills.