Jade Stone Therapy

Incredibly Healing, Once you have experienced a Jade stone massage from World Fusion Massage & Wellness you will never want to switch back to the basalt stones.

Jade Stone massage is different than the standard hot stone massage you see in spa’s. It is a deep tissue therapeutic massage without the pain!. Because of its composition of iron, magnesium & calcium, Jade is the only massage stone that can hold both heat and cold equally well. One stoke with a heated Jade stone is equivalent to seven stokes by hand and when combined with the cool Jade its 80 X more POWERFUL!  The combination therapy acts much like a vascular flush, comparable to hydrotherapy and thermotherapy. It increases circulation, flushes the internal organs and circulatory system helping elimination of toxins from the body.

In Chinese culture, Jade is known for having healing properties which relax the nervous system and aid in removal of toxins. Your body is massaged using real Jade Stones, alternating temperatures bring deep relaxation, produce vitality, release toxins and reduce inflammation. Jade is considered the health , wealth and longevity stone.


 50 Mins. $165.00