We apologize if the rules seem strict, but we are a huge advocate of respect and trust. These policies help our clients respect us and we respect them in return. We have had a record of 0 complaints since the business started 4 years ago.


**** Please ignore the cancellation and payment polices if you are a business, corporation, hospital, recovery center, or non – profit, we make special accommodations for you when it comes to payments, cancellations, and booking requirements. Call for details. 


**** Guests are highly encouraged to show up at least 10 minutes prior to their appointment time to fill out necessary forms, these forms will still be required to be fill out at time of arrival which could cut into the massage time. ***


Same Day appointments:

Same day appointments are usually for members only, however if you are a non-member and would like to book same day we have an additional convenience fee charge of $25. This does not include the 20% service fee, they are separate fees set in place for our therapists.


Cancellation Policies:

Cancellation Policies when visiting us at our locations:

Mandatory 24 hour cancellation notice to receive full credit towards another appointment.

No Shows:

If you fail to arrive for your appointment or cancel your appointment within the window allowed you forfeit your service and there will be no refunds for the service or for the 20% service fee. If you are redeeming a groupon, living social or any other discounted rated promotion you may not use your coupon for another appointment unless you pay the $50 re-booking fee and an additional 20% service fee will then also be charged for your new appointment.


All payments need to be paid in full at time of booking your appointments over the phone with us. If for any reason you need to cancel the appointment we require a 24 hour notice to receive a full credit or refund. If you cancel anytime after that you will be charged for the full amount of the service including the 20% service fee that goes directly to the therapist.

Service fee:

Our massage therapists are very highly trained and educated individuals. If the company is running a discount for services it does not mean that the therapists are doing any less work on that client. With that being said we do charge an additional 20% service fee on the original cost of the service that goes directly to the therapist. After your massage you may also decide to leave them even more on top of that, in cash or check only, and checks are to be made out to the therapist.

If you are redeeming a Groupon, Lliving Social or any of the other sites that you may have found us on, Please note: When you book your appointment over the phone with us a 20% service fee on the original cost of the service will be charged to you over the phone. This 20% service fee goes directly to the therapist. After your massage you may also decide to leave them even more on top of that, in cash or check only, and checks are to be made out to the therapist. ( Same cancellation polices apply ).

Therapeutic Massage:

World Fusion Massage & Wellness provides strictly therapeutic, non-sexual massage. The session will be terminated upon any illicit or sexually suggestive remarks or advances. You will be charged full price of treatment and a refund will not be issued, we do file a compliant with the local police department and have been successful at getting sex offender convictions, so please think twice.

Age Limitations:

World Fusion Massage & Wellness therapeutic massage treatments and spa treatments are available to clients of any age. Children ages 16 and under must have a parent or guardian present.

Right to Refuse:

World Fusion Massage & Wellness therapists reserve the right to refuse potential clients for any reason. We keep our environment positive and light for our clients and our therapists. We understand you might not be in a good mood, or had a bad day, but please do not take it out on our staff or people around you in general. We are here to help you relax and be at your best.

Verbal Consent:

A massage therapist may gather information from you during the scheduling process and this is considered to be verbal consent. When the therapist begins the scheduled session, the client will also be required to fill out a medical history form for your protection and ours.

Spa Parties and mobile services: For more information on mobile services please click on the “Mobile Massage” located on the website.

For scheduled services, a 48 hour cancellation notice must be made or the full amount of the service will be billed to you. For services scheduled less than 4 hours in advance, the full amount will be billed to you in the event of cancellation.

Cancellations at time of arrival. If for any reason at all our therapists show up at your door to complete the service and you turn them away, or refuse the service for any discrimination or personal issue the amount of the service is still due in full. We do not allow you to re-book the appointment with another therapist because our therapists are paid for the job they are sent to. You could re-book with another therapist only if you are paying for another service.

Cancellations for large events and parties must be made with at least 72 hours’ notice, or a service fee will be billed to you. Cancellation of events with personal chef / catering services must be received 7 days in advance, and a service/food cancellation fee may be charged to you.

Damages: ( For  our Mobile Services )

In the event damage is accidentally done in your home while using our services, (i.e. our therapist has a candle wax spill, bumps a door frame, knocks over a vase, or any other damages) Our therapists are directed to have you fill out an incident report, take photos, and they are to provide you with their insurance information. World Fusion Massage & Wellness uses only licensed, insured, and certified Independent contractors. If you choose not to do any of the above and our therapist leaves your home, they are no longer liable for any damages.