Auyveda Head, Scalp & Neck treatment:

A deep healing process that allows for overall mindbody balance and inner peace.

Pure Olive Oil. Pure Coconut Oil. Pure Almond Oil: All 100% natural oils infused with Ayurvedic herbs, roots & flowers, and customized essential oil blends to rejuvenate, promote energy flow, purify hair follicles & encourage a balance of Wellness & Peace. Reduce Stress. Quiet the Restless Mind. Experience a Deep Level of Relaxation & Stillness. Improve Blood Circulation & Nutrient Flow to the Scalp with an Ayurvedic Warm Oil Scalp & Neck treatment. Using relaxing manual manipulation techniques to restore energy, reduce stress, and melt away any muscle tightness.

Ayurveda: a system of medicine with historical roots in the Indian subcontinent,

is made up of two Sanskrit words: Ayu which means life and Veda which means the knowledge of. To know about life is Ayurveda

Ayurveda understands that each person is unique & as a result, each person’s path towards optimal health is unique. In Ayurveda, regular head & scalp massage is turned into a deeper healing experience by using Ayurvedic oils increases blood circulation to the scalp. As hair grows out of little pockets in your skin called ‘follicles’, oil treatment activates the hair follicles, resulting in healthy hair growth.

30 Mins. $80.00. 45 Mins. $95.00.